My goal as a basketball teacher is to provide lessons that translate seamlessly to life. Basketball has given me far more than I have given back.

In Matthew Syed’s book “Bounce” he writes, “When most people practice, they focus on the things they can do effortlessly,” Ericcson has said. “Expert practice is different. It entails considerable, specific, and sustained efforts to do something you can’t do well-or evn at all. Research across domains shows that is only by working at what you can’t do that you turn into the expert you want to become.”

Practice helps to elevate you from “plateaus” to higher peak performance.  I will ask you today who is the best defensive player on our team (not looking for a name) and WHY?  Is the player you want to become an impossible goal, or achievable through work on the defensive elements (focus, stance, footwork, foot speed, hand discipline, and so forth)?

The coaches don’t determine the kind of player you become. YOU do.

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